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President deserves the credit for bin Laden killing

I am so sick of the people supporting the Republican party not giving President Obama credit for killing Osama bin Laden. Sure, a lot of background planning was done prior to this, but the fact is that he, President Obama, had to give the direct order or no one would have been able to go ahead with this plan. It was carried out by very adept men who were trained by our military to deal with situations such as this, and they did a remarkable job.

But the main fact of this is that the president laid his job on the line to give that order. The way I look at this is, that if anyone would have even had a scratch on themselves during this raid, or even some kind of injury, President Obama would have been held as the responsible person and all the Republicans who are not giving him credit now for carrying out this plan would have been screaming their lungs out because of the stupidity of his decision. And if Osama bin Laden had not been found, they would have been even louder calling for his resignation. I wonder how many presidents would have laid their job on the line and given this order? I wonder if Mr. Romney, who is running for this job at the present time, would have been that brave? Many can talk the talk, but not many can walk the walk.

-- Carol Strache, Frazee