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Marriage is the union of one man and one woman

Marriage is more than a union between two people. It is an institution made by God between one man and one woman. Civil law cannot change this. Before there was government, there was God. When we leave him out of the equation, we lose the whole meaning and strength of the institution.

The state (man-made laws) cannot change the definition of marriage, only the regulation of marriage as it is already defined. In the 1800s, the Mormon Church, during their practice of polygamy (one man, many wives) tried to change the definition but failed terribly.

Man (and woman) was created to have fellowship with God. How we treat our fellow man reflects how we feel about God.

I have not or will ever show hatred or violence against those who feel they are homosexual (and feel they always will be). Psychologists have been directed by their governing boards to not teach "change" is possible. They are to accept their homosexuality as part of themselves. That is not helping the psychologist to help people.

I feel only sadness for people who feel they are trapped. They feel the emptiness of a committed relationship and family nurturing, which we all can relate to. All the laws in the world cannot fill this emptiness and guilt feeling. Only faith in our Lord Jesus Christ can fill this void.

If we accept homosexual marriage, we are calling God a liar! Marriage equals one man and one woman. -- Corrine R. Frank, Detroit Lakes