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Fantastic Fly-In

People of all ages landed at the annual Water Carnival Fly-In Breakfast to see experimental planes of all types. Brian Basham | Detroit Lakes Tribune

Though the weather may have kept some pilots grounded, Saturday’s Detroit Lakes airport Fly-In was still a success.

“Over all, it went well, especially from local support,” organizer Dennis Jacobs said.

Though there is no way of counting the amount of people who came to admire the aircraft, he said there were 450-500 waffles served that morning and even more people stopping by to take in the planes without the waffles.

Jacobs said there would have been a lot more planes coming in for the fly-in had there been better weather around Detroit Lakes. The town happened to be in a bubble of decent weather, with winds and rain surrounding it. The nice weather was good for those coming to view the planes though.

“They had good questions and were looking at the airplanes,” Jacobs said.

The focus this year was recreational and homebuilt planes, which include experimental, kit built and light sport.

They also planned to have a hot air balloon and helicopter giving rides, but the balloon was only inflated for a small period of time because of winds, and the helicopter wasn’t able to fly up because of the weather. Another one happened to fly in though, and people were able to view it but no rides.

“Pilots do enjoy coming to these things,” Jacobs said.

Besides airplanes, the fly-in also included classic cars on display.  The proceeds from the waffle breakfast will go toward sending youth to air camp.

“Most (pilots) are gray beards like me and we’re trying to get kids interested,” he said of getting youth more interested in aviation.

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