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Damien Home Tour offers a glimpse into unique lake homes around the area

The Heitkamp house resembles an old fashioned red barn. BRIAN BASHAM/DL NEWSPAPERS1 / 3
The Peterson home on Cotton Lake was built with the lake view in mind. The open floor plan affords plenty of views of the lake through the nearly all window lake side wall. BRIAN BASHAM/DL NEWSPAPERS2 / 3
Bev and Jim Jacobson’s basement shows off Bev’s love of black and white with some color accents. BRIAN BASHAM/DL NEWSPAPERS3 / 3

From an expansive lake cabin to a log house, a unique barn style house to an affordable lake house, the Damien Home Tour is one of variety this year.

In its 33rd year, the home tour features six homes, all unique in their own way.

“We have some lovely homes in our area and such variety of homes,” member Sharon Sinclair said. “And we have some people who are kind and generous. When you think of opening your home to as many as 400 people in a single day, you have to be an open-hearted person to support that.”

Often those who are on the tour are friends of a Damien member, a neighbor, an acquaintance or at times, it’s simply a home a member has seen and asked the owner to be on the tour.

The year’s tour includes a couple homes on Cotton Lake, a few on Floyd Lake and one on Detroit Lake. They include Carolyn and Gary Heitkamp, 33075 South Cotton Lake Road; Bev and Jim Jacobson, 20711 County Highway 21, Unit 14; Julie and Bud Johnson, 19944 County Road 131; Marti and Randy Peterson, 21146 Sunset View Road; Jocelyn and Wayne Tang, 25226 Town and Country Estates Road; Sandra and Sonja Taves, 1201 West Lake Drive.

Damien members go out to the homes before the public tour to get information about the house and some details about unique items inside. The Damiens are then the tour guides for the home, while the homeowners are encouraged to tour the other homes.

“This year, people can expect some really fun things,” Sinclair said. “It’s kind of a favorite of mine because it has so much variety.”

Besides the awe of the houses, this year’s theme is “Many Sounds of Music,” so expect to hear live musicians in some of the houses as well.

The tour averages about 400 people, and people are welcome to start at any house. There will be maps with the tickets to get people from house to house.

“We just really try to make it a fun day for people,” Sinclair said.

The women behind the tours are the Damiens.                

“Damiens is a very informal group, you might say, of local women. We have been around 50 years as an organization,” Sinclair said.

The women involved are active and present in the community, and therefore all the money raised stays in the community.

“We can’t give huge amounts of money, but we give consistent amounts of money to a variety of local groups,” she said.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Damiens give to local families in need, whether it is food, clothing or gifts for children.

They also support the Becker County Food Pantry, the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes, the Becker County Historical Society and Dollars for Scholars to name a few.

The Damien Home Tour is Saturday, Oct. 5, from 12:30-4 p.m. Tickets are $15 and available at DL Newspapers, DL Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Paint & Glass, La De Da Décor & Design, The Wild Goose in Perham and from Damien members.

No children under 10, please.

“It’s so neat that people are willing to do this and are so generous about their space. That’s great. It kind of reflects our community, that they’re willing to help each other out in many, many ways,” Sinclair said.

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