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Peterson promoted

Sgt. Joshua Peterson plays guitar and saxophone with the 188th Army Band. Submitted Photo

Detroit Lakes native Joshua Peterson has been promoted to the rank of sergeant in the North Dakota Army National Guard.

Peterson received his promotion from the 188th Army Band in September. He plays the saxophone and guitar in the Fargo-based military band. He performs in the jazz ensemble as well as the rock/country band, Three Time Rule.

On the civilian side, Peterson teaches middle school band at Virginia High School. He graduated from North Dakota State University in Fargo, in 2011. A native of Detroit Lakes, where his parents still reside, he graduated from Detroit Lakes High School in 2005.

The official mission of the 188th Army Band is to provide music throughout the full spectrum of military operations and to instill in soldiers the will to fight and win, to foster the support of citizens, to promote national interests at home and abroad, and to entertain audiences. In successful completion and ongoing fulfillment of that mission, the band has continued to provide music to the citizens and Soldiers of North Dakota for over 125 years.

Peterson and his wife Mariah reside in Virginia.