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Proposal on Detroit Mt.: DL couple recalls romantic moment in 1978

Tom frank and Corrine Froelich became engaged on Feb. 19, 1978. Tom proposed to Corrine on the ski hill at Detroit Mountain. SUBMITTED PHOTO

It may not have been on Valentine’s Day, but when Tom Frank proposed to Corrine Froelich on a Sunday afternoon in February 1978, the moment was not lacking in romance.

Tom and Corrine had talked of marriage, but had not made it official. On Friday, Feb. 17, Corrine arrived in Detroit Lakes for a President’s Day holiday visit.

The couple went out to supper at the Erie Jr. restaurant that night. Perfect place for a proposal, but nothing happened.

“Saturday night, we went out for dinner at the American Legion,” Corrine recalled. “It was Scandinavian night, and I am Swedish.”

Still, nothing happened.

On Sunday after church, Tom asked Corrine if she would like to go to Detroit Mountain to watch the skiers.

At first, she hesitated. It had been a busy weekend, and she was tired. But on second thought, she changed her mind.

“Yes, Tom, let’s go watch the skiers,” she said instead.

“We arrived at teh mountain and walked up the hill to watch the skiers,” Corrine said. “Shortly after this, Tom walked down one of the side hills. He said, ‘Come down here Corrine, I want to ask you a question.’

“Totally oblivious, I thought, ‘Why not just ask the question?’

“I walked down to where he stood. He opened up his coat and took a small box out of his pocket. He proceeded to ask, ‘Will you marry me?’ Totally caught off guard, but very thrilled, I answered, ‘Sure, I will!’

“What a totally unique way, and place, to get engaged! I will always look up at Detroit Mountain and remember that day.”

This story was submitted by Corrine Ruth Frank of Detroit Lakes.

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