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Explore digital scrapbooking

The Detroit Lakes Library will host a scrapbooking workshop, with an emphasis on digital, on March 27.

Scrapbooking made a huge comeback in the crafting world back in the 1980s, with the advent of acid-free paper, adhesives and ink. Its popularity has risen steadily since then.

According to Wikipedia, the craft of scrapbooking got its start in ancient Greece where they used a form of notebook called hypomnemata to record things they heard, read or thought that might be worth remembering. Things have really evolved since those days!

Innovations within the scrapbooking world that have played a part in developing modern scrapbooking, include the 15th century commonplace books, which were used to record poems, quotes, recipes and letters.

Next, Wikipedia cites the 16th century friendship albums, which were a lot like our modern school yearbooks or autograph albums. Have you ever heard of "grangerizing?" In the late 1700s, James Granger came up with the practice of leaving blank pages in the back of a book, so the owner could personalize it.

But of all the developments, the one major innovation was the mass production of the Kodak Brownie in the 1880s, which put photographs in the hands of the average person. This, of course, led to the addition of photos in scrapbooks.

Now there is another major innovation coming into vogue in the scrapbooking scrapbooking. This is scrapping done completely on a computer. There are many advantages to digital scrapping.

Now that photos are digital, getting out the photo albums to share photos with family and friends has gone to a new dimension. This is the beauty of digital have the ability to share your photos or scrapping pages through email.

Storage...who has room for all the scrapbooking albums? Digital scrapping can be stored on your computer, (with backups on CDs) or you can choose to upload them and store them on the Internet. With the economy the way it is, cost savings of any size are important, and digital scrapping can save you a pile of money. And the best part, it's archival so it will last.

The Detroit Lakes Library is offering a class on scrapbooking (with a focus on digital) on Friday, March 27, from 10 a.m. to noon. Class size is limited so please pre-register by calling 847-2168 or visiting the Library at 1000 Washington Ave.

Participants will be asked to bring personal photos on a flash drive or a picture CD. You will have the opportunity to create digital scrapbooking pages with the help of a list of Internet scrapbooking sites. The class will explore time and money saving options for the busy scrapper.

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