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Holly McCamant: The misadventure of lost keys, Walmart

When you think of things to do in town with camp counselors who aren’t from Detroit Lakes, you think of going to the beach, The Yogurt Place, La Barista and Book World.

You tell them that Walmart is probably one of the least interesting places to go to in this area. At least, that’s what I told my camp counselor friend Gretchen when we met up at Walmart this past Saturday.

Gretchen is a camp counselor at Camp Cherith. In case you didn’t catch my last column, Camp Cherith is a Christian camp in the Vergas trails that lives and breathes Christ.

However, she only knew of two places in Detroit Lakes – Zorbaz and Walmart. She wanted to see the area, and we both wanted to hang out after camp ended. So, on that rainy Saturday, Gretchen and two other people from camp met up with me at Walmart.

Before that Saturday, I knew Gretchen pretty well. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and has an amazing personality. I got to do devotions for Jeannie’s cabin one night, so I knew that she was very friendly.

David, I knew nothing about except that he could play a pirate that could scare little kids.

That soon changed due to a certain circumstance that we got in.

I found Gretchen in Walmart. She paid for the hard-to-locate bottled water, felt her keys in her purse, zipped her keys in her purse, and after finding Jeannie and David went to the car. Even though she didn’t unzip her purse, the keys were a no show when we got into the car.

Gretchen started freaking out. It wasn’t like she could go back to camp and get a duplicate, because there was no duplicate. Gretchen couldn’t tow her car all the way back to White Bear Lake, and locksmiths are expensive.

So all of us started on the misadventure of inspecting Gretchen’s car and the area around it, retracing Gretchen’s steps and dumping out Gretchen’s bag multiple times. We went to customer service and gave them David’s number to call if they found it.

All of us felt as if God was in control and that we had to complete some sort of mission for Him. We didn’t know what he wanted us to do, though, but I was really hungry, and Subway seemed like a good place to start. The others were too wound up to eat at first, but that changed after they saw my sandwich.

After we all ate, we were feeling hopeful. We started checking out parts of the store we hadn’t even been to and asking all sorts of people if they had seen any keys on the ground. We came back from the video game department, none of us having figured out anything except David. However, his new knowledge of the basic plot of Despicable Me 2 from my obscure hint did us no good.

We then helped out a man in a wheelchair and then came to a realization - we shouldn’t just help out people because we’re stranded at Walmart. Helping out people should be something we should do all the time.

Finally, after some more stressing and bag dumping, we decided to call my dad to take us home. My wonderful dad was willing to pick us up with a bag of cherries.

Gretchen and I didn’t stay at camp long. Since we had almost given up on finding the keys at that point, we had called the locksmith and went back to Walmart with two other counselors to get the papers for Gretchen’s Cadillac.

When we got back to Walmart, we were so desperate that we were checking under displays of baby food. Then came along this fantastic Walmart employee named Don. He asked Gretchen, who was on all fours, if she was all right. Gretchen explained about her key situation, and Don said that he thought the keys were found a while ago.

It turns out that the keys were found when we still were at Walmart the first time, but David was never called. Don, I don’t know if you are reading this, but everyone at camp says thank you a thousand times. You are the reason Gretchen was able to go to sleep.

We may not have had the typical getting to know each other in Detroit Lakes session, but it worked. We will always have time to go see the Yogurt Place, but David, Jeannie, Gretchen and I are not going to ever forget that Saturday.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.