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Holly McCamant: When is your last day of summer?

“This is going to be a great last day of summer,” I tell my dad as we pull out of the driveway.

We’re on the way to La Barista, my favorite coffee shop and the best spot to write articles for the Wave section. I may have not gone to both coasts this summer, but something about this one was special. I worked through my sickness, got to swim and run a lot, and a week ago, I got a new sister from Germany.

“Holly, the last day of summer was on Saturday,” my dad retorts back.

You see, my dad and I have had this little debate going. I think the last day of summer is the day before school starts; he thinks summer ends the day before the first cold front.

So when is the last day of summer? This is a question with many answers because everyone leads different lives and lives in different places. Upon arriving at La Barista, I didn’t just stick with my dad for an opinion. I started asking different people what they thought the last day of summer was.

I didn’t mean to ask people who are from different countries what they thought the last day of summer was, but that’s just how it worked out. First, I asked Saskia, my new sister who’s a foreign exchange student from Germany. She thinks that the last day of summer is the last day it’s warm.

The first person who I didn’t know who I asked turned out to be from New Zealand. Living on the other side of the planet, she thinks that the last day of summer is at the end of March.

The next person was a little closer to home. As a Canadian-American, she believes that it’s the last day before school starts. Finally someone on my side!

The final person I questioned was La Barista’s owner, Brooke. She was also with me and thinks today is the last day of summer.

I really believe that your answer depends on what you do and where you live. My dad has been working very hard all summer, and so winter will be more of a vacation to him than anything else.

Saskia came to Minnesota on the hottest day of the year and has a completely different school system in Germany. I’ve been going to school since I was 4, and for me, summer has always stopped the day after Labor Day.

Summer itself means different things to other people. Farmers and the people who work for and advise the farmers (like my dad) see this season as the busiest time. The farmers’ need for time during the harvest is the reason why we even have summer vacation in the United States.

Teachers see summer as a semi vacation that still involves plenty of work. Construction workers see summer as work time (as we all know too well). People who write for the newspaper and are in high school see it as a time where you can get your article done on Monday morning and with more ideas.

For most of the kids in this area, summer is a time of going to the lake and hanging out with friends. Summer means no large math assignments to complete and actually getting to sleep in when you stay up late.

The last day of summer is different with every person. The calendar thinks it’s Sept. 22, the New Zealanders believe it’s at the end of March, and the teachers think summer ended a while ago. However, I will always believe that summer is the last day before school starts.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.