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DLHS Homecoming week: Students show their creativity, school spirit

Detroit Lakes students show their Laker pride during a volleyball game in the Ralph Anderson Gym during homecoming week. BRIAN BASHAM/TRIBUNE

Homecoming week at Detroit Lakes High School is almost a second nature.

We get used to the kids who overdress in tacky red and white clothing and even sometimes judge the kids who don’t.

Laker Pride is a big deal here in Detroit Lakes, and the students aren’t afraid to show it. So walking the halls last week was nothing out of the ordinary with the usual colored bandanas, the socks with the sandals, the sparkly red shirts, and of course, the infamous red and white tutus.

From balloon popping to egg fanning, every grade wants to prove they have more school spirit than the next class, so during Homecoming week, our school decides to put on Spirit Competitions.

Asking around the school, you would get different opinions on Homecoming. Some may say it’s too “over the top” and some might even say that we need to get our butts in high gear and show all these other schools up.

“Homecoming week is really exciting for me,” says senior Hannah Monson. “I loved seeing everyone’s crazy outfits. It really shows how big our school spirit really is.”

Shania Alto, a junior at DLHS agrees.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Alto said. “I especially liked watching the spirit flag competitions and seeing my classmates dress up because it shows their creativity.”

Taylor Bunker