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Holly McCamant: Weekends are made for football

No one can deny it – football is a major factor in our American culture.

On Friday nights, we huddle together with blankets and bags of popcorn to talk to our friends, do cheers and watch a little of the game (not going to lie, high school girls focus very little on the game itself).

On Sundays, fathers fall asleep to the Broncos playing while their daughters write articles about football for the paper. Sometimes, the fathers may even suggest that to their daughters write about football.

Some women, like my mother, think that the very idea of freezing to watch boys knock each other down is … not quite interesting. Others, like our foreign exchange student, adore every second of the game and even put on the hornet suit.

Men in the United States almost always like watching football, playing it, or both. However, it’s not that way in every country. Our German exchange student has informed me that the boys in her country would think it’s gay to wear pants that tight and to be in those piles.

It couldn’t be more different in our homeland. As my friend Grant said, there is absolutely nothing friendly about those pile-ups. He would know; as he said it, his back was sore from a helmet having been pushed into it.

However, the sore back was nothing compared to what Grant got next. He was the first of the three guys on our football team that have received concussions in a very short amount of time.

They haven’t exactly been acting dumb because the guys that got concussions happen to be really, really intelligent. However, it’s kind of strange to have to explain what we’re learning in Advanced Algebra to the guys with a perfect math grade instead of them explaining it to me.

I am looking forward to the day they outperform me again. My friend who remembers everything can’t even remember most of the game that he got hit in.

On the other hand, nothing brings us together like football. Our cross country coach insists that we make sure we get a ride home right away after the meet so that he doesn’t miss the Broncos game. The night of that particular game, we had to do a math problem with Peyton Manning’s statistics. The next day, I found out that Manning had broken the record for number of touchdown passes.

Despite the sore backs, concussions and even worse injuries, football still remains. The number of boys in the weight room is still extremely high. The amount boys of talking about football in school while they’re supposed to be doing homework still out numbers the amount actually doing the assignment.

You know what’s even scarier than those injuries? A school without football is terrifying. I have seen boys without exercise. The occasional injury is way better than a school full of wild monkeys.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.