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Internships help high schoolers

For some students, figuring out what they want to do or be when they finish high school is a nightmare.

At Detroit Lakes High School, interning is among the many classes offered to help students clarify their curiosities and dreams of a certain profession.

Vern Schnathorst, the School-to-Work coordinator, has worked with many students and community members to give the students a chance to involve themselves in the world they’ll soon be leading.

Senior Jessica Graham says her internship has helped her know what to expect for a future career in a nursing or a healthcare field.

Graham has been interning with high school teacher Amy VanValkenburg, while learning how to present herself and by paying attention when getting taught how to do tasks correctly and in a timely fashion.

When asked about how she feels interning helps students, she said, “It makes us more responsible by getting work in on time and just by showing up.”

Although Graham had a good experience with her internship, many students never got the chance to really prepare for the so-called real world during high school so many students blindly begin college thinking they know everything they need to know about their future occupation.

Sadly for some, it’s not at all what they thought it would be.