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Holly McCamant: Despite injury, cross country season deemed a success

Last year, at the end of my track season, I was mad and wanted revenge.

I was sick with something that lasted three weeks and made it hurt really bad to run. My mile times should have been in the 5:50s, but I was sick and ran a horrible 6:22 1600 meters at sub-sections. At the end of track, I was mad and determined to do well in cross country.

So, as all mad track athletes do, I worked hard over the summer for cross country. I was brave and ran nine and a half mile runs on the Vergas Trails with my dad. Oxygen magazine provided me with a nice ab workout that I stuck to so strictly that I started doing it in my sleep before realizing that I couldn’t do my ab workout on my bed or in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleeping.

Everything was going just as it should. I was getting significantly faster times than last year. For once, I had a stellar meet at Pelican Rapids, which has never happened before. I was also having a great meet at our home Frazee Fischer Farm meet.

However, my great season ended a couple of meters after the 3,200 mark at that meet, when I jumped into the creek and hurt my knee. I limped for about 100 meters before I could start running normally again.

I may have made it through our home meet, but my battle with my knee wasn’t over yet.

I knew I had no option to run at Fergus Falls, despite the fact that I knew that my knee would become way worse and that I would become sick.

Well, my knee got very mad at me for running that race, and I was sick for the next couple of days. Of course, that race was just about the worst race I have ever run.

However, with the help of a wonderful knee brace, I could soon run at meets again. It wasn’t the same, though. My times, instead of being significantly faster like they had been before my injury, were significantly slower. For most of the race, people passed me. I had forgotten how to compete.

My running got better, though.

At the Park Rapids meet, my time was a lot better than before and not so many people passed me. The best race was at sections, though. Not one person passed me, except maybe one or two at the end.

As far as times go, I had a horrible season. Working with my amazing teammates, however, made the season much better.

I met Megan at the Turkey Trot. That race didn’t go so well for me, but I discovered that we had a new super fast seventh grader who was also really sweet. Soon after that, I met Ellie, an eighth grader that was right up there with Megan.

These girls are super dedicated and runs with them and two eighth grade guys helped me deal with school stress.

Running plus junior high kids who do not stress about tomorrow’s hard English quiz works even better than Ibuprofen. Also, I actually had someone to push me this year, a luxury I did not have last year.

I am really happy to say that Ellie and Megan ran at the state cross country meet on Saturday. They did quite well, and have many more years to run.

Most of all, these girls gave me happy memories that have helped me deal with the disappointments. Sure, Perham may have been a tough meet for me, but these girls helped me feel a lot better. I actually had a team this year.

My times this season could have been a lot faster. If the season had been longer, my race results would have been decent. I was getting a lot better at the end.

My freshman track season and my sophomore cross country season are done. I can’t go back and not get sick for three weeks or be even more careful jumping into that creek. However, I still have my sophomore track season, and I can promise that the 1,600 meter is going to be a pretty good event for the Frazee track team.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.