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ACT adds fall test in-school date option

ACT announced that it will be offering a fall in-school, weekday test date option for states and school districts that administer the ACT college readiness exam to all students as part of their academic assessment programs. The first fall test date will be available in late September 2014.

ACT currently offers three test dates in the spring for in-school weekday testing at the state and district level: two in March and one in April. The additional fall testing option will give greater flexibility to states and districts, providing an opportunity to test 12th grade students in addition to or instead of 11th graders.

The fall date will allow seniors to receive their ACT scores in time to meet normal college application deadlines.

ACT’s state and district in-school weekday testing program was established in 2001. Fourteen states and a number of individual school districts across the country participate in the program, providing students the opportunity to take the ACT test funded by the state or district.

Students may use the ACT scores they earn in a state- or district-wide administration to apply to colleges and universities. ACT scores are accepted by all major colleges and universities across the United States.

States and districts typically use ACT score results to assess educational outcomes, evaluate curricula and encourage students to consider the option of attending college, among other reasons.