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Berit Ramstad Skoyles: Skiing comes right back...after a bit of a spill

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it’s still a season to be thankful.

Although the day to stuff our faces and be thankful for our family and friends will not return until next year, I continue to be thankful in this wonderful season.

Unlike many of you out there, I am thankful for the snow. Surprising me, Jack Frost decided to blow us up a winter storm earlier than I have seen in quite some time.

When the snow started falling I couldn’t stop gazing outside to the winter wonderland that was laying out before me. Being without snow for almost two years heightened my excitement level considerably.

With all of this wonderful snow, I have been able to start my ski season off wonderfully. Starting with Thanksgiving break, I was able to go out and ski for two days.

Although my brother and father ventured out to ski on the man-made snow of the Elm Creek recreational area one extra day, I favored the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning.

Despite my Black Friday induced laziness, I finally made my way out to ski. I could barely contain the excitement bubbling inside of me.

Before mounting my skis, I thought about how it could play out. Would I fall flat on my face and not remember how to ski? Although this possibility didn’t seem very likely, I was worried all the same. Maybe I would return to my skis and glide down the trail with glory.

I soon found out that neither of my scenarios was correct.

I latched my boots to the bindings of my too-short rock skis from sixth grade and poled my way to the trail. At first, all was well. I was gliding along with the thought of how much I really had missed being on my skis.

When I started my technique for skate skiing, I realized that I may not be as balanced as I was before. As a result, I found myself sprawled across the side of the trail.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I fell flat on my face. It was more of a gracefully awkward fall to the side once I realized that I could either choose to be on my face or my back. Once the decision had been made and I was laying on the trail, I looked at my surroundings to decide if anyone had seen my recent embarrassment.

Thinking of all the gloriousness that my fall wasn’t, I gathered up my dignity and attempted my skate skiing once again. This time, I was able to pass people with ease and glide down the trail.

As the time passed, I regained a small part of my ski legs. The feeling of wind rushing past my face felt as good as it always has and the sound of my skis on the snow was like heaven. 

I would be lying if I said it was effortless. It wasn’t effortless, but it wasn’t like skiing for the very first time either. Being back on skis was something I had been waiting for all year long and I was more than happy to enjoy the company of some much needed snow.

Although others may not be thankful for this wintery weather, I could not be any happier with what Jack Frost has given us. Maybe not the -20 degree weather, but if it brings me more snow, I will gladly put on that extra sweater and glide my way to happiness.  Put on some skis, and you may be thankful, too.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School.