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Small town brings everyone together

Fourteen years ago, my family moved from tiny Fayette, Iowa, to small  Frazee, Minn. The only reason why we ended up here is because Detroit Lakes is where my dad’s office was based out of, and the best house for us was right on the line between the Detroit Lakes and Frazee school districts.

We just made the cut for Frazee, though, and we had no idea how big this choice would impact us.

As you can see at the bottom of the article, I go to Frazee High School. I’ve been going to Frazee ever since 2’s alones, and have just stuck around since. Sure, Detroit Lakes School has hockey and cross country skiing, and Perham an excellent cross country team, but I still would never leave Frazee.

I especially wouldn’t go to Perham for cross country, since we have an excellent girls distance team in the making. There’s just something about Frazee that makes you want to stay.

Frazee is a unique place because the town has a variety of families. We have the families who are well established, and everybody knows their last name. They basically define what it means to fit into Frazee.

Then there’s the families that are from somewhere around the Minnesota area, and blend pretty well into our community.

Of course there’s the oddball families like mine, too. My dad grew up in Colorado and Montana, and my mom is from Pennsylvania. We are strange because we don’t ice fish or hunt, and I am an only child.

The last groups of families are the one that aren’t as well off and have to work to really fit in.

However, despite all of our differences, we are all part of the community whether anyone wants us to be or not. That’s just how it works here.

The people here are very conservative, and that shows in the boys at high school. I am a strong believer in global warming/climate change, but I can’t say anything about global warming without getting into a huge debate with all the boys in my English class.

The boys, besides arguing with any idea that is not conservative, are all into fishing, hunting and wrestling each other, whether they’re in the sport or not. The girls tend to have conservative beliefs too, but don’t have quite the tendency to get into as intense debates as I do with the boys.

Sports bring us all together, especially wrestling. As many of you are aware, Frazee is the Class 1A Wrestling dynasty of the north. We have a bigger and better wrestling team than the nearby schools (Detroit Lakes and Perham, I am talking about you), despite being a much smaller school district.

The boys are very passionate about this success, and it’s very hard to spend an hour in the school without some guys wrestling somewhere.

Sports are one of the things that equalize us all out. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have as much money in sports, because the best people play. We all have the same goal in the end, and will all support our teams.

As a community, we go through many things together. Things don’t really stay secret, even though they may be hidden. When tragedy strikes, it affects everyone and we will all be there for each other.

I still remember the support in second grade when my gym teacher, Gene Anderson, died. It’s been three years since Myrel Schermerhorn passed away and the loss is still felt deep in the community. People who are a part of Frazee care.

Over time, things will change. People will leave to big cities, and new ones will come in. However, I think that we’ll still have our community feeling for many years to come. Frazee is one place that I will always be able to go back to.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at FHS.