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Holly McCamant: Forget flowers, it’s a workout for V-Day

This Friday, many girls are going to be anticipating that a certain guy will be brave enough to talk to them and or that their boyfriend will give them chocolate and roses.

Judging by the number of chocolate boxes being sold at the Candy Store, they won’t be disappointed either.

The chances of this happening to me are pretty low, but I am not going to be disappointed this Valentine’s Day. I’ve found something that means a lot to me and takes up a lot of my life. As I joked with my friend not too long ago, working out will be my valentine this year.

I joined cross country in seventh grade, and that was the very beginning of my craze. I did a little running then and during seventh grade track, where my love for running was cemented.

The first time I ever did any weight lifting, however, was the summer before ninth grade. This new sport was quite the change for me, because I have always had a very narrow frame and not much upper body strength.

The narrow frame part hasn’t changed, but I really improved that summer as far as my overall strength, both upper and lower body.

I had discovered weight lifting, but wasn’t hooked until I started working out in the mornings before school my ninth grade year before track season. I started the last week of February, and I have never learned so much about weight lifting as I did when I did those workouts. I was able to weight lift this summer, too.

This winter, I’ve had some of the best workouts after school as part of the Speed and Strength program run by Mr. Courneya at my school.  Three days a week I stay after school and do these really intense strength workouts combined with some cardio.

I also do running, skiing, skijoring and at-home intense cardio workouts, and I have put most of my energy into this regimen. Working out all the time got me out of a time when I wasn’t feeling that great last fall.

I was sick, stressed, exhausted and had some pretty bad news. Working out helped me feel a lot better about myself, and I have improved a lot since then.

Now it’s become a part of my life. I eat healthier, so I can do better. I spend one to one and a half hours every day after school working out. I don’t have much free time, but it’s what I love.

Track is coming soon, and working out so much will help me achieve my goals this season. I enjoy cross country, but out of all things athletic, the 1,600 meter race is what I love most.

Working out is most definitely my Valentine this year. It’s always there for me, won’t let me sleep if I don’t do it, and puts me in the best mood. Other girls may have flowers, but I have what I want this year.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.