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Becker County Spelling Bee winners are named; two compete at regions

Becker County Spelling Bee contestants include, from left, Tanner Alger, Hayden Haase, Conner Willson, Ben Stearns, Roderick Jager, Alec Kulasingham, Freddie Robin and Janai Seley. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Two Detroit Lakes students took to the podium last week in Fergus Falls to participate in the Region IV Spelling Bee contest.

Tanner Alger and Ben Stearns showcased their spelling talents at the competition.

Alger and Stearns also participated in the local Becker County Spelling Bee. The two competitions are separate, with the district one allowing fifth grade participants but not the county bee.

From a pool of 26 spellers representing their regions at the district contest, Moorhead middle schooler Jesemy Travers took home the trophy for first place. She correctly spelled “androcentric” to win the competition.

The contest took about two hours, whittling down spellers until there was one left standing.    

The top five finishers from last week’s competition advanced to the Multi-Regional State Spelling Bee, which will take place Feb. 25 in Fergus Falls.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee begins May 25 in Washington D.C.

Tanner Alger spelled caboose correctly; he misspelled gunnysack in the second round.

Ben Stearns is one of only eight students who advanced to the 5th round. He spelled fiesta, aquatic, lunatic and strategy correctly before misspelling crusoe.