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Sixth-grader making some furry friends

Caitlyn Templeton, center, has taken on support of the Humane Society of the Lakes in Becker County. During her first visit to the animal shelter, she brought along donated goods for the furry friends. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Caitlyn Templeton is a young girl with a big heart that has chosen to support the Humane Society of the Lakes.

She chose to support the HSL, and here’s what she says about why she did: 

“I’m 12 years old in sixth grade at DLMS. I’ve got four other siblings, three brothers and one sister. We moved to Minnesota from Hawaii in 2011 because my dad is a U.S. marine and we get stationed all over. My favorite things are basketball, all animals, music, softball, and my family.

“Now let me tell you all about what I’m doing. One of my sixth grade teachers had a lesson on charities, and after listening to her and learning what it was all about I knew what I was going to do.

“Ever since I was 3 years old, I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian. For as long as I can remember, since age 3, I’ve had a huge love for animals. My favorite then was a lizard, but then I got my first puppy and guinea pig. My love for animals has been increasing since, and ten years later I still want to be a veterinarian.

“Now, here we are today. I talked to my mom, told her my ideas and started my journey. We contacted friends, family and got on Facebook, found the Detroit Lakes Humane Society and sent them a message with my hopes, dreams and desires.

“Soon, they replied. They told us they liked our ideas and said, ‘Welcome aboard.’ Since that moment, I have received donations from all around, such as California and Florida. I’ve even spent my earned babysitting money to buy special gifts for the special fur babies.

“My goals are to make sure these animals have food, medical, toys and warm bedding until they can find the perfect forever home. Also, to help with the daily care of feeding, walking, and playing with them all.

“I will accomplish all of this and I am so proud and thankful that people are coming together to help me help them. I am bound and determined to help find these perfect animals a loving, safe, forever home. But until then, I will continue giving them my all!”

Humane Society of the Lakes’ Casandra Vigesaa-Disse said that PetSmart has agreed to be a drop off site for any donated items in Fargo-Moorhead area.  Persons making a donation should ask for a manager at PetSmart and tell them they are making a donation for HSL through Caitlyn’s fundraiser. 

“We are truly grateful for one little girl’s great ambition to support the mission of the Humane Society of the Lakes,” she said.