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Holly McCamant: Finally, a Disney movie with a different message

Usually I don’t get into Disney movies. I know I’m in with the minority with this attitude.

I don’t think they’re not fun to watch, I just never get that interested in the plot and how things work out. When I read a book or watch a movie, I want a storyline that is unpredictable and gets me going. With most Disney movies, the ending is very predictable.

I had been hearing good things about the movie “Frozen,” however. Chances are you’ve heard of it, even if you’re not really into movies. The soundtrack is really popular, and I’ve heard some of the songs from it on the radio. Even my parents have heard about “Frozen!”

So one Saturday night after work, I headed over to my friend’s house and finally watched it.

I wasn’t disappointed at all, even with high expectations. If anything, it was better than I even expected! There are several things that made it stand out more than other Disney movies for me.

Probably my favorite part of “Frozen” was the fact that it shows girls how boys realistically act. In previous Disney movies, a lot of the time it’s been about how the princess gets the prince without much relationship trouble.

Girls don’t really get an idea of how boys act with storylines like that, because let’s face it: when have relationships ever been that simple? 

In “Frozen,” Princess Anna thinks she’s in love right away and makes a quick decision about the rest of her life when she doesn’t even know the guy. In the end, she pays for it when he turns on her. Their situation is realistic, and the best part is that Anna does not go for him again. She learns her lesson.

Things don’t work out so well with the first guy, but there’s still time for Anna to find her true love. Just like in the non-Disney world, it’s her best guy friend that’s been by her side and supported her all along.

This guy isn’t a prince, has his quirks, and is a little awkward. However, he sticks with Anna and actually cares about her. Disney shows what the best guys are really like with this one.

Even though “Frozen” has a great prince and princess story in it, the main theme is sisterly love. Forget a boy saving Anna; it’s her sister Elsa who saves the day.

I don’t have a sister (or a brother even), but I understand the idea that your sister will be there for you, even if there is a guy who won’t. I have people who can fill the sister role.

On the less serious side, Olaf, the snowman, is the cutest character I have ever seen. With all of the rough stuff that goes on in “Frozen,” Olaf manages to be happy and hopeful no matter what.

Even though “Frozen” is different from the typical princess tale, little kids do not like it any less. When I babysat for church the next morning after I watched it, this little girl kept on talking about how much she liked “Frozen.”

I’m not normally into Disney, but for “Frozen,” I am. I just hope that Disney keeps on making movies with realistic messages for girls as it did with this one.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.