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Schools participate in Native American Celebration Week

The Pre-K through grade 5 students in the Young Artist/Young Writer’s Competition proudly hold their certificate of honor. SUBMITTED PHOTO1 / 6
Quiz Bowl was held March 28 in M State. Coach Tara Mason prepares her students for their next match. DL students will compete in the state competition in early May. International Falls took the championship, Circle of Life placed second and Waubun ended up third. SUBMITTED PHOTO2 / 6
Drum and Dance winners: The Detroit Lakes team took the championship trophy home, and multiple individuals placed in various categories including Fancy Shawl, Traditional and Jingle. SUBMITTED PHOTO3 / 6
Olympic hockey hall of fame member Henry Boucha, spoke with Detroit Lakes High School Students. SUBMITTED PHOTO4 / 6
Circle of Life teacher Tom Mason worked with students on snow snakes. They are handmade and used to see how far they can slide through the snow. SUBMITTED PHOTO5 / 6
Members of the 6-12 grade Young Artist/Young Writer’s Competition impressed judges with their creative sides. SUBMITTED PHOTO6 / 6

Last month, students at Detroit Lakes Schools celebrated Native American Celebration Week with various activities and competitions.

Here is a list of events and winners.

6-12 grade Young Artist

As part of the Detroit Lakes Native American Celebration Week, March 24-29, all students in the surrounding districts were given the opportunity to participate in the Young Artist/Young Writer’s Competition.

There were 10 districts including Detroit Lakes that submitted entries for this contest. Each entry had to be inclusive to the Native American culture.

There were entries in photography, art, writing, crafts and audio.

Congratulations to the following students from DL Middle School and High School who received awards (cash prizes):

Grade 6: Perry Heinonen, Cameron Hutchinson, Morganne Maneval, Hailey Miletto, Alyssa Mitchell, Skyler Smith, Desi Swanson, Alexus Thunder

Grade 7: Mariah Bunker, Leah Lund, Ashley McDermond

Grade 8: Alexander McCormack, Natalie Nelmark, Cortney Stiyer, Wyette Weidenbach, Makayla Zimmerman

High School: Cassandra Nolan, freshman; Tim Belland, junior; Addie Steile, junior; Emily Klarer, senior

K-5 Young Artist Competition

K-2 Black & White Drawings winners include 1st place, Josef Nemec,   Rossman, 2nd grade; 2nd place, Anna Ramsey, Roosevelt, 1st grade; 3rd place, Jacy Dieluch, Rossman, 1st grade

K-2 Colored Drawings winners include 1st place, Sadie Johnson, Rossman, 1st grade; 2nd place, Juileatt Rendon, Rossman, 2nd grade; 3rd place, Elle Bettcher, Roosevelt, 2nd grade; 3rd place, Lucy Erb, Rossman, kindergarten

Grades 3-5 Colored Drawings winners include 1st place, Kaleigh Reller, Rossman, 5th grade; 2nd place, Kennedy Bridgeman, Rossman, 5th grade; 3rd place, Lexus Mitzel, Rossman, 4th grade

Grades 3-5 Black & White Drawings winners include 1st place, Emily Peake, Rossman, 4th grade; 2nd place, Grace Riewer, Roosevelt, 4th grade; 3rd place, Dayna Roy,  DLMS, 5th grade; 4th place, Zoe Ann Givens,  DLMS, 5th grade

Grades 3-5 Crafts winners include 1st place, Riley Schoenberger, Roosevelt, 3rd grade; 1st place, Destini Wichern, Roosevelt, 3rd grade; 2nd place, Olivia Mason, Roosevelt, 3rd grade

Grades 3-5 Colored Art winners include 1st place, Skylar Nelson, Rossman, 4th grade; 2nd place, Marin Westrum, Roosevelt, 3rd grade

Grades 3-5 Photography winners are 1st place, Kya Rosell, Rossman, 5th grade; 2nd place, Morgan Hanley,  Rossman, 4th grade

Henry Boucha

Henry Boucha, Ojibwe, Olympic Medalist and professional Hockey player gave students a motivational speech dealing with his trial and triumphs of his life. His story is also in a published book titled “Henry Boucha, Ojibwa Native American Olympian.” 

Boucha is one of six Native American Olympic medalists living today.

Drum and dance

Detroit Lakes held their Pre-K-12th grade Drum and Dance competition March 29 in the DL Middle School.

There were close to 130 students competing in dancing and or drumming and singing.

Students were arranged by grades in various dance styles. Girls danced traditional, fancy shawl and or jingle dress and the boys danced traditional, fancy and or grass style. Students who enter all three styles are considered Tri-Star or all around. Boys also had the opportunity to compete on the drum singing.

The Detroit Lakes team took the championship trophy with team total points of 134, Deer River was runner up with 101, Northland Remer third 88 and Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig 69.

Individuals place grade/category include: James Mason, 2nd, Pre-K Boys; Johna Big Eagle, 4th, Pre-K Girls; Taelor Kuhn, 4th, 1-3 Fancy Shawl; Carmen Mason, 3rd, 1-3 Fancy Shawl; Sophie Rojas, 2nd 4-6 Fancy Shawl and 2nd K-6 girls Tri-Star; Ralando Ellis, 4th 4-6 boys Grass; Meya Rojas, 1st 7-9 girls Jingle, and 1st, 7-9 girls Tri-Star; Taylor Hanson, 1st 10-12 girls Jingle; Miya Rojas, 2nd 7-12 girls Tri-Star and 2nd 10-12 girls Traditional

Snow snakes

Tom Mason, cultural teacher at Circle of Life in White Earth, brought some middle school students to Roosevelt Elementary and Rossman to talk about the snow snake festival they had in early March.

The snow snakes are handmade by the students and then painted to their liking. The game is played by sliding the snow snakes as far as they can in a manmade half pipe formed using snow on the ground.

The Detroit Lakes Native American Programs would like to give a big Miigwetch (thanks) to the following for making our celebration week possible: DL M-State College and Food Services, Niijii Radio, KKWE 89.9 FM, White Earth; Native Harvest, Callaway; Mii-gii-way-win Advisory Board; DL Administration Secretaries and Accounting; Carlee Kuhns; coaches, Tom and Tara Mason; DL Native American Staff and Parent Committee; JOM Parent Committee; DL Staff and Administrators; DLHS Native American Student Council.