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Move over tea: Nothing compares to a boost of coffee

A while ago, I read that tea is making a dent in coffee consumption in America.

Green tea can give you an energy boost like coffee does, and is much healthier. Teenagers supposedly didn’t like that along with the buzz of coffee, there comes a crash.

While I like tea, I think that the tradition of coffee in the United States is here to stay. England may have always been hooked on tea, but our nation wakes up with coffee.

The funny part is that I never thought I would be a coffee person. As a little kid, I always assumed that coffee was just bitter.

Around fifth grade, some of my classmates started trying coffee. I heard a lot of negative things about it from parents. My parents are the protective type, so no coffee for me yet.

I got older though, and our church has a very nice coffee cart. When I was in eighth grade, I started to get to sample a little bit of my dad’s lattes on Sundays.  My dad soon discovered that I was into that and those samples turned into me drinking half of the cup. At that point, when I went into a coffee shop, I still ordered a smoothie or hot chocolate. I hadn’t fallen for coffee yet.

In ninth grade I had no trouble with drinking a latte by myself every Sunday. November of that year I started writing my articles for The Wave, and I soon discovered the magical effects of coffee and writing.

As readers, it is only fair for you to know that many of my articles were written in La Barista with one of their amazing lattes by my side. Coffee makes me think clearer and have more ideas.

It also helps with my job at the candy store. Sometimes if I’m just not feeling good, coffee will wake me up and save the day.

If you’ve ever been around me when I’ve had coffee, chances are you’ve noticed a profound difference in how I act. I have a lot more energy, can listen better and am willing to do almost anything. Lattes can get me from a tired Sunday morning slump to a very happy person.

The best part is that I’m not hooked, so I get the same effect every time. I don’t have any coffee on weekdays.

I really enjoy coffee, but not everybody does. However, even if you’re not a coffee person, coffee still affects you.

Going out for coffee is the most used reason to meet up with someone. Coffee shops have plenty of options if you’re not into coffee. If you aren’t feeling black coffee quite yet, La Barista’s lattes are a great way to start out. Even if you decide coffee isn’t for you, you will not be upset with their food enjoyed by coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers alike.

Coffee plays a huge role in waking up America in the morning. England may love their tea, but the United States heads to coffee shops. It helps us get over tired slumps and fuels many articles like this one.

Tea may be becoming more popular, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, coffee in America is here to stay.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.