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Holly McCamant: Why summer ‘vacation’ is great

“I can’t wait until summer!” is basically the mantra for every high schooler in spring.

All school year, kids my age dream of sunny days with swimsuits, frozen yogurt, and adventures better than taking a test without studying. The whole teenage year revolves around summer for most kids my age. It’s the break from the rat race of the school year.

Even if you’re like me and have your year revolve around track season, summer is still an important part of your year, because it’s the only stress free months of the year.

High schoolers don’t really ever have a break beside summer, especially if they are in a sport, activity, or have a job. As a person with cross country, track and a job, this is what my week life is like during the school year.

My week starts on Monday at 6:20 a.m. Tired, I drag myself out of bed and wolf down a breakfast double the size of what most people I know have before the bus comes exactly an hour later. An hour after the bus comes, school starts.

During school, the only real break we get is 25 minutes for lunch. That is approximately enough time to eat our food, and we don’t get to do much other than that because there’s no time.

Right after school, I have cross country, track or winter training. That typically lasts until 5:30, unless I have a cross country or track meet. Those usually take a lot of time and make for late (but happy) nights.

When I get home from school, my second real break happens. I get a half an hour to myself to relax and ice my shin splints if necessary. I eat dinner, and depending on the day of the week, I take a shower, go to piano lessons or church.

I get to my homework around 8, and get finished around 10 to 10:30 with a few breaks in between. Then I get to bed around, er, 11 p.m. each night if I’m being honest with myself.

I do this for four straight days, and get to relax a little on Friday evening.

Saturday I work from 9-5, and I run after that. I attempt to get work done Saturday night, but I usually just relax, because I can. Sometimes I’ll go over to a friend’s house or to a movie.

I would like to say that Sunday is a rest day for me. It kind of is, at least for the first part. I go to church in the morning, and then (preferably) go to La Barista to write this column. If not, I write this column at home after drinking coffee, like I have today.

Going to church and writing is a nice break for me. The rest of Sunday is doing lots of homework and cleaning room.

This goes on all school year, with hardly any breaks. It’s even worse the last week of school because we have finals, and this year we had sub-sections for track.

All of a sudden it’s over. Track still has a week or two left, since I qualified for sections, so I still have that going on.

However, I can clean my room. I can read that book that I got at the end of fourth quarter as a gift for getting good grades, but didn’t have time to read, because I had to do the work to get good grades.

My social life can go beyond track meets and the occasional Saturday night activity.

After track, I’ll get to do summer training and start to go to work a little more.

Camp Cherith will start pretty soon, and that will renew my soul. Life will be about getting to do things besides homework.

You may think I have a busy schedule, and I do. However, I have nothing on those who have things like A.P. classes and musical on top of doing sports. I don’t know how they can do it all.

When summer starts, the rat race (but not track race) is over. If you’ve ever wondered why teenagers like summer so much, you now have your answer.

Holly McCamant is a junior at Frazee-Vergas High School.