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DL sixth-graders learn, practice the art of writing, creating design

Eager to write, sixth grade students attended a workshop hosted by Kim Bettcher, author of “Sam Picks Football.” SUBMITTED PHOTO

Before the last week of school, Detroit Lakes Middle School sixth grade students partook in the first annual In Other Words: Reading and Writing Fair.

The purpose of the fair was to expose students to different styles of storytelling.

All students began the fair by listening to Dotz Johnson share about the summer reading program offered by the Detroit Lakes Public Library. Then, students choose three presentations to attend. 

These presentations featured authors (Mark Vinz, Kim Bettcher, William T. Mohn and Patricia Gilkerson), news reporters (Paula Quam, Carol McCarthy and Norm Bell), and artists (Karla Cummings and Hans Gilsdorf). Students could also attend sessions about writing essays (Kent Mollberg), photography (Gregory Synstelein of Gregory Photography), graphic design (Lindsey Berg of Lakeshirts) and world culture (Detroit Lakes foreign exchange students).

At the conclusion of the day, Detroit Lakes Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten serenaded the students as he helped make a powerful statement of how songs, too, can tell a story. With smiles beaming across their faces, over 200 students flowed out of the auditorium following this worthwhile experience. 

Hopefully they left inspired to share their own stories, in their own ways, with the world.