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Country v. City: It all depends on you

Around here, the people are a certain type. We are known as country people.

When summer comes around, we flock to the lake. Many hikes will be taken. Fishing happens even more than it does in the winter.

When the fall comes, we still spend a fair amount of times outdoors. Plenty of people still fish. It seems like hunting takes over just about everyone’s life. More hikes are taken.

Then when there are no more leaves on the trees, the snow starts to fall and we spend more time outside. It’s hard for us to be contained in our houses. Ice fishing becomes the focus of the lives of many boys (judging by conversations heard at my school).

Spring comes, and despite our complaints about the weather that happen five times a day, we still spend more time outside. Country people consider spending time outside as a way of life.

To live like this, we are perfectly happy to go without a three-story mall close by. We have learned to love the small community feeling. When we go to the cities, some are freaked out by the security, because those types of precautions are never taken at home.

However, not every person in this world is a country person. There are people that actually think it’s strange to have to drive 20 minutes into town from your house, even though many people I know have it like that.

These city people don’t like to do things outside and consider shopping a huge priority. For some weird reason, they find chlorine pools better than lakes.

City people love the rush of a big city. There’s just something about this huge amount of people being connected. When you’re in the city, you are surrounded by so many people with different interests and lives and ways of doing things.

Despite all of this variety, city people aren’t overwhelmed; they enjoy it. The city is alive, and they can feel it. In the big city, buildings surround you, and you are enclosed in this bustling being.

Country life is living with everything open. The main thing that separates city and country people is if they like things close together or spaced apart. In the city, everything is close together. Out here in rural areas it’s just fine having everything spaced apart.

Most people identify themselves as a country person or city person. They can handle one or the other. Just about every person here tends to be the type to not want to live in a big city.

I’m a little different. I love the small town community we have, but I’ve also felt the rush of New York City and want to live there someday. The Vergas trails are my home, but the business of a city doesn’t overwhelm me.

We all have our preferences, and I think it’s just with who we are. It’s possible to like both worlds.

Holly McCamant is a junior at Frazee-Vergas High School.