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Holly McCamant: Regardless of journey, it’s ‘where I’m supposed to be in the end’

High schoolers have all the fun, they said. Teenagers go out and party and have the time their lives.

Last Friday night, I realized that wasn’t quite true. Last night, my junior high friends had a lot of fun at a birthday party while I did a practice Math ACT test.

The corrected version of “high schoolers have all the fun” should be that high schoolers have more responsibilities, but more exciting things happening than junior high kids. Little 13 year olds, however, really do have all the fun.

So this Saturday, I got the pleasure of taking the ACT. OK, there was nothing pleasurable about it.

The ACT consists of four tests and an optional writing portion. The English portion I thought was the easiest part, the math was challenging but a lot easier than I thought it would be, and the science and reading portions went decent. The writing portion went well, even though the whole thing was mainly a test of how fast you could write with a 30-minute hand cramp.

I took the ACT a year earlier than most students because I want the opportunity to know how I can do on it when I have only completed sophomore year, and so I am better prepared when I take it my final time. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my future, and the ACT made me think about it even more.

I only have two more years of high school. In some ways, that is a lot. The typical school year seems to last a while, especially due to all of the homework.

However, in other ways, two more years seems so little. I have been going to school for 12 straight years. It doesn’t really seem like it ever will end since I never have had anything else. So with two years left, it’s closer to the end than ever.

After high school, I have college. I have my sights set high. The ACT made me realize that I should have a good idea where I want to go. The two factors that determine my choices are if a university has international relations/studies as a major and if it has a track team. I need to go to a university that has a really good program for my field and that I can run track in.

My dream university is Georgetown. What makes it my ideal school is its location, that it has one of the best international relations programs in the country, and its good track team.

My two other dream schools are Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania. I’m aware that these schools are extremely difficult to get into, but I’m not giving up. However, if they don’t work out, I would be really happy to go to Minnesota State University Moorhead, as they have my major, tuition that isn’t crazy, and there’s a track team that I really admire.

Yes, that no pressure fun part of my life is over. My grades and times in track make a difference for where I can go. The decisions I make will affect the rest of my life. I have multiple jobs, and training for cross country has become serious.

However, even though I have more responsibilities, I’ve never been happier. I will work my butt off for good grades and ACT scores, but there’s also a sense of satisfaction (and stress) that comes from that. My greater self-awareness enables me to make those decisions more easily.

I also have probably the some of the best jobs you can get in town, including this one. Cross country training is intense, but I kind of love running and would go crazy if I didn’t do so.

I don’t know where life will take me. I do know that I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be in the end.

Holly McCamant is a junior at Frazee-Vergas High School.