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Teens help raise cash, awareness for pets

Those present for the Bleach donation to the humane Society of the Lakes include, from left, Isaac LaCrosse, Tiffiny Walz (BGCDL board member), Steven Campbell, Emily Moran, Lee Rishovd, Tanner Engen, Teah Skalin (BGCDL program leader), Avery Walz, Shylin Campbell, Nate Cummings (BGCDL program leader), Eric Clark, Alissa Mork (HSL board member), Lacey Vogel, Vicky Williams (HSL board member) and Allen King. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Boys & Girls Club teens delivered cash and bleach to the Humane Society of the Lakes on Friday, Aug. 15, following their wrap-up of the Just Bleach It! Project.

The teens held the fundraiser to raise awareness, bleach and cash donations for HSL. The kids held a total of five hot dog stands outside of the Boys & Girls Club Thrift Store & More throughout July and August – raising $500 to support HSL shelter needs.  In addition, Thrift Store shoppers contributed 80 jugs of bleach for the HSL.

The kids decided that after going to the Humane Society of the Lakes on a field trip, they wanted to get involved and help, one non-profit to another.

During the field trip to the humane society, the kids learned that the shelter goes through six to eight jugs of bleach a week on a regular basis, and up to 13-16 jugs with sick animals.