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Damlo column: Injustice at school: Parents should handle issue

Hello Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and surrounding communities. How are you? Como est?s? Que haces? Comon sa va? Wie geht es Ihnen?

Any who, something has happened in our school system, as you may have heard, that legitimately upsets me. Some of my friends have been banned from things for reasons I find quite unfair.

First off, the phrase "invasion of privacy" comes to mind. Second, whose business is it really if a certain act of a certain student does not directly effect the school day? Third, if a rule is not known, how can someone be held accountable for breaking that rule?

To address the issue, I personally believe a picture of a student that may or may not imply that an underage student is consuming alcohol is no one's business but the student and their parents. Let Mom and Dad handle the "problem."

Sorry but it's not your business what somebody else's child is up to. If you really think about the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Does getting someone kicked out of an activity make you feel any better? Make you feel like a big responsible adult?

Just because you do not condone a certain activity you are not given the right to judge someone else's child for participating in that activity.

So called evidence has turned up on this issue. I call bollards on that. This evidence, from what I hear, is not nearly solid enough to convict anyone of anything. People in the background of pictures, people not holding any of substance.

Does the fact that you are somewhere with the certain activity going on really mean that you yourself are indulging in that activity? No, it does not. Not everyone is a mindless drone, who gives into the endless supply of peer pressure.

I do not understand why an student ignorant of the rules should be punished. In other countries, breaking a rule and getting punished for it is totally understandable, but I mean come on people. This is a school setting.

Should we not be informed about the activation and creation of rules, policies and regulations? The simple answer is yes. Should we be punished for ignorance? The answer is no.

I guess my point in this sea of ranting and raving is that I believe an injustice has happened in our school system. If these students had been caught by the police, and received punishment by them, or if their parents had done the punishing, I could condone this act.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. These students were treated unfairly. Students in the past have had the same record if not worse and participated in the same activities. Students in lower grades have done the same, and were not punished. Where is the justice in that? Where is the validity? Where is the fairness? It's not there.

All in all, I do not disrespect the replacements in those activities, and I support them 100 percent. However, my sympathy lies with the unfairly punished individuals.

This is strictly my opinion. Feel free to think how you wish. I'm just asking for an audience to hear me rave.

Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.