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Chris Damlo column: Role reversal: Caring for those we care about

We all remember the days when we where very young (at least I do). So I ask these simple questions: Who took care of us when we where young? Who spoiled us rotten? Who undermined our parents for us? Who bent over backwards for us? Who gave money selflessly for our "college" funds? Who are the people who have always been there to pick us up when we were down?

Grandpa and Grandma that's who.

In our lives, there are key people who we will always remember. My grandparents are a few good examples of those people to me.

I remember grandpa using his aged, yet still strong, hands to dig in his personal garden. He always grew the tastiest and the freshest of all the produce. I remember grandma's loving arms embracing me as I lay sick in bed, watching cartoons with me all day, even at the risk of getting sick herself.

These people are our guardians and only want what's best for us. However, there comes a time in the slow steady stream of life, where a slow merciless trail of old age hits. When our heroes fall, when the debilitating process not only affects the physical body, but also the cognitive processes of our minds.

We all eventually need help, even the people who seem invincible to us. Once the tables have turned and it's our turn to care for our elders, there's a point in which dignity and pride must go out the window. I know it is difficult to accept simple limitations, although it is all in the conscientious thought of your safety.

We love you unconditionally, why would we want to see you come to any harm? There is a point at which we all must admit we are not capable of taking care of ourselves, despite how many decades we've lived in this world.

The simple undeniable truth is your body and mind have begun to decay, and in some cases have decayed. It may seem unfair. It may seem unjust. However, is it really that important that you can do certain things even though you know full well that that certain act could possible put you and others at risk? Remember your safety is the key issue.

We, being quite a few years your junior, now know what is best. We have your best interests at heart. I just ask that you cooperate with us, and those who only want to help.

Belittling those who would do anything for you is just not the right way to go about it. We understand your years of love and devotion to us. Well, we also have many years of selfless love put forth towards you. We love you more than we could ever begin to express. I ask only for your trust, and maybe give up a bit of your vaunted pride.

I love you Grandma and Grandpa. You both mean the world to me. Have some faith in us.

Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.