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Detroit Lakes changes end of quarter date

Due to the fact that this year quarter 3 is scheduled for 43 days and quarter 4 has only 37, Detroit Lakes High School will be moving the end of quarter 3 from March 28 to March 19.

Doing this would end quarter 3 prior to Spring Break and provide a better balance of the quarters as quarter 3 will now have 39 days and quarter 4 will have 41.

The original schedule was an intentional design due to the fact that the school is more likely to cancel school in January, February and March due to storms than in April and May and, if school was canceled, the days would be made up at the end of the school year.

However, since there have not been any lost days and since the long range forecast is favorable, it makes sense to balance the days per quarter.

It should also be pointed out that quarter 4 is much busier with testing (MCAIIs, AP, MAP), and the Day of Caring and the number of actual instructional days and time would be considerably less if the calendar stays as is.