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Damlo column: Despite unknown snow, columnist happy spring has arrived -- kind of

It's 2 a.m. Do you know where your children are?

I do not, because, alas I do not have children. Anyway, it is actually 9:30 and I'm sitting at home writing this article anxiously awaiting to leave for our school's choir trip to NYC.

Something miraculous has happened. That special time of year has arrived. That certain time where all the god-awful snow melts. The time where all the plants spring back to life.

We can finally enjoy the out doors without the occasional avalanche scare of the run of the black death. Spring has finally begun to grace our doorsteps, and it is about time. Too long have I wallowed in the sunless frigid lands of the Minnesota winter.

Spring brings all sorts of wonderful feelings to the table. For one thing, spring loooooove. Seriously now, spring brings life, beauty and almost a magical air about the atmosphere. Unfortunately, spring also brings the thawing process that revives the frozen bugs, bacteria and viruses -- which I am now currently being afflicted with.

I'm cold, achy and my throat has become the Sahara Desert. Each time I cough, the sands of the desert erode the boulders in which I used to call my tonsils. This plague that afflicts me is only temporary, but the feeling of spring will last until the scorching heat and relentless humidity of summer.

One thing in spring that cannot compare to any beauty I have ever seen is the perfect glorious and alluring effects of the newly budding flowers. As you walk, the smell wafts through the air, and the tantalizing odor overcomes you. The world comes alive again in spring. Everyone snaps out of their winter depression. The atmosphere creates an overall aura of bliss and joy. This joy brings forth feelings of love and infatuation with everyone around.

Alas but "spring fever" only lasts for so long before it leaves us in a pool of lost dreams and hopes. Fortunately for us, the seasons cycle through and we will all enjoy the essences and feelings like we once did.

But, I am now going to continue packing and stop procrastinating for this trip I am about to embark upon. Oh and p.s., I apologize for the non-ranting column again. I shall and I will get to that and when I do, ohh you all better watch out. You'll see. You'll all see what I can do when I put my mind to it.

Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.