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Damlo column: Hillary's experience, character right for White House leader

Something quite extraordinary happened last night (last Tuesday because technically this article is out on Sunday). Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton has won the state of Pennsylvania by a 10 percent margin, which thank goodness has brought her back into a close competition with Barack Obama.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore and thoroughly respect both of the Democratic hopefuls, but I do feel that Hillary has the experience, the character and the overall prestige to be our next leader.

I personally believe we need a leader who can connect with people and families. People know they need a strong leader who's on their side to turn around the battered Bush economy and end President Bush's disastrous war in Iraq. And as this redefined contest moves across the country, we'll keep connecting.

I believe Hillary is the candidate that can do this for our nation. I believe she will fight for the middle class and stick up for people and not corporations. She will take us out of this disastrous war and stabilize our stagnant and shambling economy.

I personally do not want four more years of our current situation, and I believe John McCain will bring us to more war and more economic downfall. Hopefully, even in our own state's senatorial race, either Al Franken or Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will take the seat in our legislature and help the healing process of our nation.

People who call Mr. Franken nothing but a comedian obviously do not take the time to look into the facts about him. True, he was a satirist on Saturday Night Live, but he is also a highly educated and intelligent man who is very capable of leading and making the necessary decisions to better our state and nation.

If any of you would like to know more about this man, I would suggest reading one of his many books he has written.

Now I realize what I am talking about may be slightly skewed by my obvious ideological standpoint, but I assure you all that these are the people I truly feel should hold positions in our government, not because they are Democrats, but because of whom they are and how they feel about the issues.

I personally think our country needs to slowly evolve into more of a welfare state. I think our government and our people have a responsibility for looking out for one another.

Everyone has a right to education. Everyone has a right to health care. Everyone has a right to food, clothing and other necessities. I think the United States needs to look upon the many very successful industrialized nations who provide these things for their citizens.

We can look to the north, and we can look to the great nations of Europe and see that they are thriving. Now I love this country, I am very happy and fortunate to live here, I just wish that somehow that we could reshape how things work and maybe move towards more education, less poverty, and longer healthier lives.

Even if any of you do not agree with me, you have to open you're eyes and see that we are not as we once were. We need to restore our standing in the world and get back on the right track and take care of our people, otherwise who knows what might happen. Another depression? Internal collapse of our economy? Not existing as a country at all?

That may be a bit extreme, but I truly believe that it is about time for a change in leadership, and thank God for new presidential elections every four years. So I leave you all with some thoughts, and maybe a little bit of anger or relief. Goodbye and good day.

Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.