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Damlo column: Fattening insurers: Health care needs to change

I was recently curious about something -- who and what really makes the most money in this country?

I was appalled and slightly sickened to discover that it was not the oil companies as I had presumed, but it was in fact the insurance companies that make the most money. I thought to myself, why would the people who are there to aid us when we are in the tightest situations, why do they want to charge people into debilitating poverty?

I know that the companies need to make a profit in some way or another, that of course is the way of capitalism -- compete and make a profit. However, if almost everyone in this country pays into insurance at different rates and in different forms, I imagine the insurance companies do not need to charge as much as they do right now.

The insurance companies, from what I observe and see ,in this country are very tyrannical and controlling. From what I see and observe, it seems as though the companies tell you where to go, who to see, what you can do, and pretty much everything that they "cover" (which isn't much...). Isn't that the big scare about universal health care? I mean if the insurance companies do it anyway?

I fail to see a problem with cheaper health care, and one that would cover everyone and not leave the poor people out. It's ridicules how controlling the companies are. It reminds me of the monopolies of the old days.

I believe the federal government needs to take a flying leap into the world of insurance and do some oversight, and regulation. I mean is that not what the government is there for, to protect us?

It needs to protect us from the evils of over-charging on th epart of greedy people who could care less about the poor, and want only to turn a ridiculous profit of unimaginable proportions.

Often in conversation, I cite the examples of the countries of Europe, which have always been 10 or more years ahead of the United States in everything, and speak about how they are all moving to a more combination capitalist-socialist society, where the necessities are paid for, (education and healthcare) and the people still have money for their want items.

If the United States could only opens its eyes and stop being so paranoid, we could all live longer, and healthier lives, in a nation in which the poor are taken care of and every person has equal opportunity.

Obviously, I do not know quite the whole story, however, from what I see and experience, I know the current situation is almost a form of extortion and needs definite reform. Someday in the near future, I hope to be a part of the massive change in this great nation.

Christopher Damlo graduated from Detroit Lakes High School.