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Just the FACTS ma'am

FCCLA FACTS members, above, survey seatbelt users and tie red ribbons on car antennas to kick off the LP-A Red Ribbon Week.1 / 2
LP-A FCCLA seniors, right, "ghosted out" in representation of teen fatality traffic rates in Minnesota.2 / 2

Members of the Lake Park-Audubon FCCLA Chapter helped promote the Red, Ribbon Awareness Week at LP-A by sponsoring various activities to bring attention to the high-risk behaviors of teen driving.

On Monday, Oct. 27, members of the "FACTS," Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety, did a seat-belt check of all high school drivers and passengers. It was found that 84 percent of all LP-A High School drivers and passengers were wearing their seat belts on that morning. This percentage is comparable to the state average.

All passengers received either a bag of pretzels or a "twizzler," reminding them not to get "twisted" in a crash....wear your seat belt!

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the FACTS team sponsored a "ghost-out" activity by painting the faces of students white throughout the day, and having them wear a black t-shirt that reminded students to "Think Smart, Buckle Up, and Arrive Alive."

Using the Minnesota teen fatality traffic statistics, 55 students were "ghosted" throughout the day.

On Friday, Oct. 31, the FACTS team hid "FACTS Ghosts" with driving statistics around the school. Students who found the traffic statistic ghosts, could trade them in for a healthy treat.

Upcoming events planned to continue the FACTS program, include guest speaker Sarah Panzau, impact speaker, on Nov. 5 at 10:15 a.m., and Shane Richards, Becker County Sheriff's Department, in early December. Both speakers will address teen driving decisions and long-term impacts on teen families.