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Lake Park-Audubon students raise $2,310 during school walk for diabetes

On Nov. 24, Lake Park-Audubon students in grades third through sixth participated in the American Diabetes Association's "School Walk" for Diabetes.

This is an educational school fund-raiser that supports programs aimed at curing and preventing diabetes and improving the lives of all those affected by diabetes.

There were 47 students this year that raised $2,310. The students did this by asking their community, neighbors, family, LPA Staff, and local business' for pledges. A big thank you to all that donated, elementary physical education teacher Lori Wixo said.

All students' grades three through six walked inside during their physical education class time. The top fund-raiser this year is Rachel Grande, who raised $403. Rachel will receive a "thank you" medallion from the American Diabetes Association.

Thank you to these students for fund-raising: Meghan, Ariana, Kristen, Tim, Jessica, David, Jenna, Ben, Molly, Alexis, Elsa, Joseph, Meghan, Eli, Erin, Will, Myla, Morgan, Faith, Paige, Ryan, Lilly, Hannah, Kyle, Madeline, Reese, Natasha, Jake, Marc, Charisma, Brianne, Trevor, Amy, Bailey, Tristen, Jack, Blake, Hunter, Claudia, Jonathan, Garret, Rachel, Max, Christina, Grant, Jordyn and Jacob.