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DLHS celebrates Safe & Sober Week

The Detroit Lakes Police Department, in cooperation with the Detroit Lakes High School, Detroit Lakes High School TARGET, Minnesota State Patrol, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Forever Three Inc. and MN MADD, will be hosting "Safe & Sober" Week April 24-May 2.

The purpose of the event is to educate and bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving and the importance of wearing seatbelts through a series of activities leading up to prom on May 2.

The DLHS TARGET will be doing a "Ghost Out" Monday through Thursday when 48 students will symbolize the number of people that are killed each day in a motor vehicle accident.

A "crash car" from MN MADD will be placed at the front doors of the high school and will remain there through prom. The crash car comes with a story board about the occupants of the vehicle that were killed in the crash.

The school liaison officer or a member of the Detroit Lakes Police Department will be driving the "You Booze You Lose" Volkswagon Bug that was forfeited under the MN DWI forfeiture laws throughout the week.

Throughout the week the students will also have the opportunity to watch a rollover simulator and go through an obstacle course on a 3-wheel bike while wearing the impaired vision goggles. The simulator shows what happens to the occupants of a motor vehicle that are wearing and not wearing seatbelts in the course of an accident. The goggles will show them how their motor skills and vision will be impaired at different stages of impairment.

Safe & Sober Week sponsors are AAA of Minnesota/Iowa, Forever Three Inc., David Donehower Funeral Home and Lakeshirts.