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Lake Park-Audubon students score big with ACT test

The Lake Park-Audubon Class of 2009 has something to brag about -- they scored above the national average on the American College Test.

The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, math, reading and science designed to measure the skills needed for success in first year college coursework.

"We are very pleased with the class of 2009 scoring above the nationwide average in all five categories as well as scoring above the Minnesota average in four of the five categories," Secondary Principal Kevin Ricke said.

Compared to the national numbers, LPA students scored an average of 21.9 in English, with the national average at 20.6. LPA received 23 in math (national average of 21), 24 in reading (21.4 for national average), 23.1 in science (20.9 for national average), and a total of 23.2 for LPA and 21.1 for the national average.

Among other Minnesota students, the LPA students also pulled ahead in every subject except English, where only .1 separated the averages.

"All but 13 of our 2009 graduates opted to complete the voluntary test used by several universities and colleges for admission criteria," Ricke said.

Although always close in numbers, this is the first time in five years the school has beat the state and national averages in all categories.

National and state 2009 ACT High School Profile Reports are available online at