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LP-A FCCLA students are busy

Cookies For Children bakers and assistants include Mitch Knudsvig, Alex Tangen, Katey Hilfer, Hailee Hovde, Breann Hogie, Ryan Olson, Jessica Larson, Amber Christenson, Bailee Bartunek. Not pictured: Hayley Morrow.1 / 3
Lake Park-Audubon FCCLA members Emma Ulmer and Maegan Anderson met National FCCLA President Christopher Brockhoft.2 / 3
WDAY's Kevin Wallevand, right, interviews Greg Olson and Haylie Hovdee.3 / 3

Members of the Lake Park-Audubon Family Career and Community Leaders of America baked, decorated and sold over 1,200 cookies to benefit the National FCCLA Service Project, Children's Miracle Network, Christmas Anonymous Gifts for Children, Christmas Gifts for the Homeless Shelter and Elementary Educational Lessons.

Each member was asked to donate two dozen decorated cookies or pay for ingredients and bake in the FACS Classroom. Ten members, and their advisors Cheryl Hogie and Lori Bartunek, spent Saturday morning, Nov. 14, at the Holiday Showcase in the LPA Elementary building in Audubon selling cookies for $.25.

Customers could purchase as many or as few cookies as they wanted. Profits from the event reached over $300. Cookies that remained at the end of the event were packaged, and frozen to be shared with the giving baskets for the Lake Park and Audubon communities.

Leadership summit

Students from the Lake Park-Audubon Family Career and Community Leaders of America attended the 2009 Fall Leadership Summit in Brooklyn Park on Nov. 8-9.

Thirteen members and advisors Cheryl Hogie and Lori Bartunek listened to keynote speaker and current FCCLA National President Christopher Brockhoft, from South Dakota, speak about the impact that leaders can have in their local communities.

In addition, National Marketing Specialist Bana Yahnke shared media promotion ideas on how members can spread the word about all the great things their chapters accomplish. Bana gave specific praise to the LPA chapter for promoting their chapter through the new Publicize and Promote STAR Event in which members sponsored a billboard on Minnesota Highway 10 between Lake Park and Audubon communities.

On Monday, a panel of nutrition experts shared ideas on how to make healthy changes in local school food programs including vending machines and hot lunch programs. FCCLA members were encouraged to apply for nutrition grants through State FCCLA and Midwest Dairy Council.

LPA members attending the conference included Maegan Anderson, Emma Ulmer, Chelsie Campbell, Maddie Dahlin, Brianna Wuolette, Hayley Morrow, Haylie Gunderson, Chelsey Cossette, Jessica Larson, Sarah Johnson, Allison Wollette, Lydia Danielson and Emily Sunram.

Traffic safety

Lake Park-Audubon FCCLA encouraged their fellow classmates to wear their seat belts and discourage driving distractions as a part of their FACTS-Families Acting for Community and Traffic Safety Project.

Officer Andrew Schmidt, from the Minnesota Highway Department, showed a newly released video on teen traffic crashes from Minnesota students. The young adults featured in the video shared heart-wrenching stories of how their lives have changed forever due to traffic crashes. Many of the stories included loss of life and loss of mobility.

In addition to the video, students watched a demonstration on the impact of an airbag when it deploys.

FCCLA President Haylie Hovdee and FACTS Team Member Greg Olson were interviewed by WDAY news reported Kevin Wallevand. Hovdee, a senior, expressed her appreciation for hearing statements from Minnesota students.

"It brings more meaning to the subject than just hearing facts in a classroom," stated Hovdee.

Sophomore Greg Olson went on to add that "being a newly licensed driver, I have a greater appreciation for the responsibility I have to others when I get behind the wheel."