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College Readiness Center awarded additional funds

High school students statewide will benefit from additional funding awarded to the Center for College Readiness at Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

Director Michael Cary said the Center, created in 2008 with a $2.2 million grant from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, was notified that it will receive another $1.1 million from MnSCU. Through the Center, M State instructors and their colleagues at MnSCU colleges and universities provide services and curriculum for teachers and students in grades 8-12 to improve college readiness and reduce student placement in remedial courses.

According to recent estimates, 43 percent of students attending community colleges and 29 percent of students at public four-year universities require remedial classes.

Because the programs are online, they are available to students anywhere in Minnesota and are designed for use by high school teachers as part of their regular curriculum. Participating students, high school faculty and college faculty form learning communities with the goal of improving academic success and reducing the number of students who require remedial courses when they enroll in college.

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