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Long Trust Fund medical scholarship applications being accepted

Detroit Lakes Area Community is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications from the Long Trust Fund Medical Scholarships program now until Jan. 8.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must show proof of enrollment in an accredited educational program and have successfully completed his/her first quarter/semester of study. The acceptable areas of study: human medicine or paramedical fields.

The student admitted to medical school or the paramedical major to qualify the award. The student must also be a permanent resident, be a former resident for a minimum of six years, or have parents who are residents of Becker County or Norman County, Minnesota.

Frank and Hildred Long, in whose name the medical scholarship is being offered, are perhaps best remembered as the couple who owned Shelley Island on Cotton Lake.

Application forms maybe obtained at online at, click on "Community foundation" or at Detroit Lakes City Hall 1025 Roosevelt Avenue Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, or Ada High School Counselor, PO BOX 308 Ada, MN.