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Families Forever Scholarship available

For the fourth year, Families Forever Scholarship and the Garden Quilt Show are taking place.

The Quilt Show will be held on Aug. 21.

The contestants are asked to write no more than a 500-word essay based on the questions given to them, and then the judges are asked to judge them based on overall format (spelling, grammar, etc.) and their actual answer to each question and what rationale or support they have for each answer.

The three questions are

• What is the meaning of family to you?

• How does family intersect with the community?

• Why is family important to you?

In addition, a personal interview will be held. Judges are community members, familiar with the outline, criteria and reasoning behind the questions.

Families Forever Scholarships are in memory of Mary Disse Ballard of Lake Park. She believed strongly in a young person's potential and the part the family played in the development of this potential.

Scholarships are awarded to Lake Park/Audubon young women in their senior year. Recipients may be planning to attend a 4-year college, community college or vocational type school.

The deadline is Feb. 28.

For more information, contact Peggy Disse Stellmach at peggys@loretel.nete.