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Berit Ramstad Skoyles: Making friends was easy, leaving them will be hard

When I was selected to be an exchange student to Chile, I was confident that I would make plenty of friends during my year abroad.

I knew that they would become some of my greatest friends and that I wouldn’t want to leave them at the end of my year. What I never imagined was becoming best friends with someone in just a few short months.

I knew from the moment that I heard “Snow” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (my favorite song) as Sarah’s ring tone that she and I would be friends. I took advantage of the fact that we had the same taste in music and decided that she would be the one I annoyed with all my questions when I had no clue what was going on.

To this day, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From that one decision, I’ve met someone that is dreading the day I leave just as much as I am.

I was thinking the other day about how I’d never had another friend named Sarah. Or even really know another Sarah. However, I couldn’t shake the fact that I had known another Sarah. Then it hit me.

When I was little I had an imaginary friend named Sarah. She went everywhere with me. (It’s not like she had anywhere else to go. She was imaginary after all.) The fact that my old imaginary best friend and my best friend now have the same name is just a weird coincidence, or is it?

Over time, Sarah and I became the best of friends. Over the past couple months we have done almost everything together. We make various foods together, go to parties together, have sleepovers, go on bike rides and so much more. I sure am going to miss baking homemade pizzas whenever we feel like it, or staying up all night just to dance.

At first I was a little nervous to tell her that she was my best friend because I didn’t know what she’d say. After all, I am the foreign girl who had no friends and had to work from the bottom up- she had met me only five months before. When I told her and she started crying, I knew it was the right thing to do. I had a true friend.

The feeling was bittersweet when she told me that she wanted us to grow old together and have our children be best friends. Hearing those words come out of her mouth made me want to cry. I didn’t realize until that moment what great friends we really were.

Those wonderful words that left Sarah’s mouth sparked an idea for us both. What’s stopping me from attending college in Chile? Or even coming back after college and living here? We realized at that moment that our dream of being lifelong best friends could become a reality. Of course, I have a few years to think about it and decide, but it’s definitely an option.

Since I only have about two and a half months left in Chile, Sarah and I are already making plans for the future. We have plans for next summer when my family and I go back to Chile and visit. We even have plans for Sarah to come to the States.

Obviously these plans aren’t set in stone, but we will do everything to make them possible.

Now that I have made such a great friend it’s going to be that much harder to leave in July. Even though we will be apart for a while, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be best friends.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in this beautiful friendship.