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Jonah Bowe: Writing was hidden talent that bloomed

Everyone’s born with different talents. Some people are really intelligent, some people are musical, some people are athletic, but for me, one talent no one really knew I had was writing.

I absolutely loved writing from the time I was in fifth grade, but as much as I wanted people to notice it, no one really did.

Three years ago I started writing columns in the Wave page for the Detroit Lakes Newspaper; I was 15 years old at the time.

I still remember the first column I wrote. I had no idea how to figure out what to write about, and I think it took me six to seven hours to actually finish it. Even though it was really stressful at first, I started to get used to it, and eventually I started to recognize I had my own style of writing.

We’re all of different ages, and with different ages come different perspectives. Three years ago I realized these columns were a chance for me to tell stories about my life, and to be able to express what the world is like through the perspective of a teenager.

I don’t think anything felt better than to have somebody from around the community come up to me, and tell me how much they love reading my columns. That, to me, is the biggest compliment I could have ever received because it gave me confidence in my writing.

I’m not sure if anyone’s followed my writing since I was 15, but I’m excited I’ll have all the columns to look back on as I continue to grow up. Ages 15 to 18 were probably some of the most interesting years I’ll ever have in my life.

I’m now 18 years old, and in two weeks I’ll be graduating high school. I’m not really sure what’s next for me in life, but I think my ultimate goal is to definitely be some kind of writer, even though I’m not really sure where I want to go to college.

Just writing so many columns for so long has given me such an upper edge on writing, it really surprises me — whatever I write comes easier than it would have, just from the experience.

Anyway, I would really like to thank everyone who’s read my writings and supported me through the last three years, because this opportunity made such an impact on my life.

This is going to be my last Wave Page column. I’m just at a point in my life where I need to focus on other things, and I’m excited that somebody else will get the awesome opportunity I got to write in the newspaper, and to maybe help them to figure out what they want to do in life.

I haven’t been a perfect kid. I went through a lot in the last three years, but my column was always the bright side to my life, and I’m incredibly blessed I got to share my experiences with everyone who followed me. I’m excited for my life as an adult.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.