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Lakes Area Photography Show proves picturesque for second year in a row

Barb Haberman took second in the adult category with “Wegmann in Winter.”1 / 4
Jessica Bertolini took third place in the adult category with “Elephants of Halali.”2 / 4
Molly Dickelman took third place in the youth category with “Getting Discovered.”3 / 4
Alexis Carlson took first place in the youth category with “Precious Moments.”4 / 4

For the Lakes Area Photography Group, the last few weeks have been picture perfect.

For the second year, the group hosted its photo show, open to anyone wanting to display their photography. The Washington Square Mall was full of vibrant pictures, well-versed speakers and talent all around.

“I think it went really well,” Lakes Area Photography Group member and photo show organizer Lee Kensinger said. “We had a few more photographers than we did last year with about the same number of photographs.”

While the show is never meant to be a competition, the public did choose the top three favorites of those on display in both the adult and the youth categories.

The People’s Choice Awards in the adult category go to first place: Penny Meyers with “One of a Kind,” second place: Barb Haberman with “Wegmann in Winter” and third place: Jessica Bertolini with “Elephants of Halali.”

Awards in the youth category go to first place: Alexis Carlson, 14, with “Precious Moments,” second place: Izak Verlennich, 15, “Ice Diamond” and third place: Molly Dickelman, 14, with “Getting Discovered.”

The winners received gift cards courtesy of Ben Franklin.

“The pictures were better this year than they were last year, and I think it just shows how many good amateur photographers there are in the area,” Kensinger said.

Over the last three weeks, besides the photos being on display, the group hosted mini seminars, a meet and greet with the photographers and two professional photographers, Adam Grim and Ken Hupila, spoke.

Kensinger said the events were all well attended.

“The Washington Square Mall, they are very helpful and generous in making this happen,” he said. “I’d just like to say thanks to them.”

He said the group will “absolutely” have the photo show again next year.

The organizers might change the format of what size pictures they will allow though. Kensinger said they heard a lot of comments this year on how the 8-by-10 format cut off the edge of photos. Even walking around looking at the photos, he said you could tell that’s not exactly what the photographer had intended when they took the picture.

“Eight-by-10 doesn’t fit everyone’s artwork,” he said. “I think we’re going to tweak it to make it open to more people and to present things the way people want them to be presented.”

Each year the group tweaks the show, hoping to bring out even more photographers.

“We were amazed at the first year’s success, and the second year we built on that. I think we look forward to building on that more,” he said.

There were 18 people who expressed interested in joining the photography group, too.

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Detroit Lakes Library. Anyone is welcome to attend and be a part of the group.

Now get out there and start shooting for next year’s show.

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