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Students were asked: What concerns me about the environment?

Allison Berg, Detroit Lakes High School1 / 8
Micki Stevenson, Detroit Lakes High School2 / 8
Shay Nielsen3 / 8
Delayna Heisler, third grade, Ogema Elementary School4 / 8
Leah Olson, third grade, Ogema Elementary School 5 / 8
Delia Keezer, third grade, Ogema Elementary School 6 / 8
Ella Cummings, third grade, Roosevelt Elementary School 7 / 8
Maren Strawsell, third grade, Roosevelt Elementary School8 / 8

Dear citizens of the plant earth,

We are writing to you today about animals. We would like to see the end to the destruction of their habitats. The cutting down of too many trees endanger our animals. They need the trees for their homes. Here are some solutions we think would help the animals. Do more recycling so they don’t get hurt by garbage. Respecting where they build their nest.

Your fellow concerned citizens,

Carter Bellefeuille, Jalynn Gunderson, Ellie Steffl, Holy Rosary School

When I get older if we cepe litter thar will be trash evrewar. — Hunter Korth, third grade, Rossman Elementary School

Why do people have to litter? Littering pollutes the water and the air. If everybody starts littering then pretty soon things will die out. — Shayla Stattelman, third grade, Rossman Elementary School

Polluting concerns me because when you don’t reuse and recicul things you throw it in the garbage, then it goes to the dump and then it’s in a big pile and some of those things don’t go into the ground until a cople hundreds of years. That can really polut the air. If you through garbage in the woods and forests that kills some of the animals. Purhapts they eat it you would feel very bad if they died because of you. You can find many ways to help the environment! — Jenna Huwe, third grade, Rossman Elementary School

I’m concerned about the environment because of the pollution and all the littering in DL. Yesterday (4-9-14) my class went outside and picked up all the garbage and my class saw a woodchucker and it was by a bunch of garbage. And I’m also concerned about the ocean and I’m aspeshaly worried about the dolifins and sharks because people have killed at least 1,000 sharks in 2013. One other reson I’m worried is because by my house there is a lot of deer have been getting hit and there is a wild bufallow by my house and I’m worried so one mit kill it. — Baylee Branden, third grade, Roosevelt Elementary School

Dear citizens of the plant earth,

We are writing to you because pollution is our concern we have for the Earth. Many animals die because of oil spills, water pollution and air pollution. We have to keep these animals safe. We can save the animals by not littering, recycling and keeping their air, land and water clean. Help to prevent oil spills! Help save the animals!

Your fellow concerned citizens,

Julia Steffl, Ella Bowers, Owen Bergstrom, Holy Rosary School

I’m worried about the animals dying out. I’m concerned about the pollution in the environment. I’m concerned about the rivers getting garbage in them. People need to start to recycle or else the animals will die out. — Tyson McArthur, third grade, Ogema Elementary School

What concerns me about my environment is air pollution. Air pollution is harmful to breathe in. I think people should reuse water bottles instead of throwing them everywhere. It makes me feel like I have been locked out of heaven. It is bad for you to breathe in. It’s ruining your brain. It is like breathing in gas. We help the environment by picking up garbage as recycling. When I grow up I want good things. — Parker Bement, third grade, Ogema Elementary School