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Signs of Spring

A male and female purple finch hang out on a pine tree. The purple finches have hit the peak of their annual migration and can be seen now in the lakes area. Photo by Lee Kensinger1 / 8
A sure sign of the return of spring is the Mourning Cloak butterfly taken at Sucker Creek Nature Preserve. Photo by Lee Kensinger2 / 8
Water flows freely over the rocks at Dunton Locks on April 8. Photo by Lee Kensinger3 / 8
A bald eagle soars above Dunton Locks on April 1. Photo by Lee Kensinger.4 / 8
The first day of spring, March 20, saw ice anglers and geese on open water near Dunton Locks Park. Photo by Lee Kensinger5 / 8
A Canada goose comes in for a landing on a prairie pond April 11. DL NEWSPAPERS/Brian Basham6 / 8
There's love happening on the prairie as male prairie chickens have started their annual courtship display to impress the females into mating with them. 7 / 8
Ice on Height of Land Lake kept these swans close to shore to get a good picture. photo by Don Young of Lake Park.8 / 8