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And they're off!: Cub Scouts from Detroit Lakes, Ogema race to the finish line in Pinewood Derby

Announcer Quenton Smith and scorekeeper Jason Kaiser kept the 2017 Pinewood Derby running smoothly. (Submitted photo)1 / 8
The Cub Scouts' 2017 Pinewood Derby was held on Monday, March 6 at the Detroit Lakes Armory. Participants this year included over 40 entries from Detroit Lakes Pack 605 and Ogema Pack 650. (Submitted photo)2 / 8
Pinewood Derby 2017 Race Director Todd Simison (far left) with Bear Den leader Patricia Kaiser (in front of Simison), Cub Scouts Pack 605 Leader Andy VanDam (far right) and Bear Den winners (middle, left to right) Tristan Kiser (2nd), Tristan Bristlin (1st) and Holden Ryding (3rd). (Submitted photo)3 / 8
The 2017 Pinewood Derby, held March 6 at the Detroit Lakes Armory, included participants from both Detroit Lakes Cub Scouts Pack 605 and Ogema Pack 650. It was the first time that Ogema had participated in the event. (Submitted photo)4 / 8
Pinewood Derby Race Director Todd Simison, far left, and Cub Scouts Pack 605 Leader Andy VanDam, far right, with Tiger Den derby winners (right to left) Conner Malecka (2nd), Mox Erickson (1st) and Jacob Olson (3rd). (Submitted photo)5 / 8
Webelo Den leader Chris Borgman, right, with Pinewood Derby 2017 Race Director Todd Simison, den winners Reece Borgman (2nd) , Carson Simison (2nd) and Bryce Porter (3rd), and Cub Scouts 605 Pack Leader Andy VanDam. The three winners from this den also had the overall fastest times, and will advance to the regional championships in Fargo next month. (Submitted photo)6 / 8
Wolf Den leader Eric Rotter, left, and Cub Scouts Pack 605 Leader Andy VanDam, right, with Wolf Den winners (left to right) Jackson Porter (2nd), Mikkel Heinlein (1st) and Cole Rotter (3rd). (Submitted photo)7 / 8
Ogema Pack 650 Leader Vince Olson, right, with pack winners Isaiah Olson (1st place, Webelos), and Jacob Olson (1st place, Tiger den, and overall champion), alongside Pinewood Derby Race Director Todd Simison. (Submitted photo)8 / 8

The annual Detroit Lakes Cub Scout Pack 605 Pinewood Derby was held on Monday, March 6 at the Detroit Lakes Armory.

This year the local Scouts joined forces with Ogema Pack 650 for the races, drawing about 40 entries between the two groups.

DL's Todd Simison was the 2017 race director, with past director Jeff Graphenteen at his side to help with a fun-filled night of close, head-to-head racing.

To enhance the derby experience, the local Scouts did a little fundraising, and were able to earn enough money for a new track. The new track is much faster and has the technology to track race times to the thousandth of a second, which made the racing even more exciting for those who came to watch. It also gives the Scouts a chance to race on the same kind of track as they would if they qualified for the district championship. Cub Scouts throughout the nation call this event one of the most fun events of the entire scouting year, and for sure an event that all of them look forward to with great anticipation. Each of the Scouts are responsible for designing, cutting and building their own car, which comes to them as just a basic block of wood, with four nails and four plastic, BSA-approved wheels. Each car is thoroughly checked over before the race by the judges to make sure they are the proper length, width and height, and to make sure that all four wheels touch the ground.

Some of the Scouts have their minds set on building the fastest car possible, and others are mainly concerned about winning the Best in Show award, by building the neatest-looking car, or possibly the most unique car they can imagine. This year's Best in Show award went to Webelo Scout Bryce Porter for his "Ski Lift Car," which was supposed to look like the chair lift at Detroit Mountain. Porter not only took first for Best in Show, but also placed third in his den for overall speed and third in the overall pack, which will qualify him for the Regional Championship in Fargo.

Webelo Scout Carson Simison set the record for the new track with a best time of 2.9884, or 165.41 miles per hour, with his blue and gold "Special K" car. Reece Borgmann finished just behind Simison with a fast time of 3.2021, followed by Bryce Porter with a time of 3.2245. Jason Kaiser and Scout Leader Andrew McCormick were responsible for running the new high-tech timing equipment, and they both commented on how the times this year were so very, very close, and that many of the Scouts had cars that ran speeds just a fraction of a second apart from each other.

The Ogema Scout boys also left with three awards. Isaiah Olson took first place in the Webelos division with an overall time of 3.6443, while Jacob Olson took first place for the Tigers with a time of 3.4291.

The top three finishers among the Detroit Lakes Scouts, Carson Simison, Reece Borgmann and Bryce Porter, will be invited to the 2017 Pinewood Derby Regional Championships, which will be held next month at the Center for Scouting in Fargo. Simison will be defending his regional title from 2016, and Borgmann will also be competing for the third year in a row.

Joining the Detroit Lakes boys will be Ogema Scouts Jacob Olson and Isaiah Olson, who also qualified for the regional event. Scout Leader Vince Olson was very happy with how the boys from the Ogema pack competed, as this was their very first year of participating in the Pinewood Derby.

Detroit Lakes winners (average race times in parentheses)

Tigers: Mox Erickson, 1st (3.2814); Conner Malecka, 2nd (3.4267); Jacob Olson, 3rd (3.4291).

Wolfs: Mikkel Heinlein, 1st (3.3472); Jackson Porter, 2nd (3.5737); Cole Rotter, 3rd (3.5987.

Bears: Tristan Bristlin, 1st, (3.3217); Tristan Kiser, 2nd (3.3263); Holden Ryding, 3rd (3.3287.

Webelos: Carson Simison, 1st (3.0032); Reece Borgmann, 2nd (3.2229); Bryce Porter, 3rd (3.2681).

Overall winners (fastest times of the night): Carson Simison, 1st (3.0032); Reece Borgmann, 2nd (3.2229); Bryce Porter, 3rd (3.2681).

Best in Show: Bryce Porter's Ski Lift Car.

Ogema winners

Tigers: Jacob Olson, 1st (3.4291).

Webelos: Isaiah Olson, 1st (3.6443).

Overall winners (fastest times of the night): Jacob Olson, 1st (3.4291); Isaiah Olson, 2nd, (3.6443).