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Turning back the pages

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(Text is taken as-printed in archived Tribune papers)

September 16, 1937 (80 years ago)

An L.J. Norby Company ad portrays autumn fashions from the year 1937.

September 4, 1947 (70 years ago)

Opening day of Detroit Lakes schools Tuesday found 1,292 children answering the roll call and another new attendance record set for first-day city school enrollment, a Tribune survey shows.

The total represents a gain of 69 students over last year's opening day attendance of 1,223.

Attendance at the junior-senior high school swelled to 608 as compared with the 569 first-day total for last year. Enrollment at public grade schools set a new high at 500.

First-day attendance at the Holy Rosary school dropped from an all-time high of 190 last year to 184 on Tuesday.

September 4, 1957 (60 years ago)

Opening day attendance in Detroit Lakes city schools on Tuesday shattered all previous records with a total of 2,238 students.

Supt. Grant Johnson of the Detroit Lakes public schools said last night that steps would be taken to alleviate crowded classes in elementary grades throughout the city.

Plans include the addition of a third grade teacher at Lincoln school and fifth-sixth grade combination teacher at Washington. A few overload students at Washington and Rossman may be switched to the Lincoln school.

School officials feared that a number of late vacationers may raise the elementary figures even higher.

Meanwhile, there were not enough seats in the high school auditorium to hold the 1,023 students beginning junior and senior high Tuesday morning, and Principal C.H. Hegdal expected at least 30 more to be added to the rolls within a week.

September 4, 1967 (50 years ago)

Some 200 more students than the record 3,275 set during the 1966-67 school year in Detroit Lakes public schools are expected by Supt. E. E. Anderson when the new school year officially begins on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

He said early indications point to some 3,475 students who will register. School will start at 8:30 a.m. with the lunch program set to begin and buses to run at regular schedules.

Six area schools, involving Becker County students, began this week, while another seven will open their doors next week, according to a survey made by the Detroit Lakes Tribune.

Opening this week were the following schools: Audubon and Menahga-Wolf Lake schools, Monday, Aug. 28; Frazee-Verags schools, Wednesday, Aug. 30; and Waubun-Ogema schools, White Earth Public School and St. Benedicts Catholic School, all Friday, Sept. 1.

Schools that will open on Tuesday, Sept. 5 include: Detroit Lakes public schools; Holy Rosary Catholic School; Seventh Day Adventist school, Lake Park, Ulen, Hitterdal and the Pine Point school at Ponsford.

The Detroit Lakes public schools will open with 31 new teachers, with a record number of faculty members of 169, including those at the new Area Vocational-Technical school, Supt. Anderson said.

September 1, 1987 (30 years ago)

Robert Anderson (left) Pelican Rapids, strains to listen above the noise of a Fairmont stationary engine to spectator comments. Anderson was a volunteer at the show last Saturday. The engine was once used to power railroad handcars.