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Human bones unearthed on North Dakota farm

The skeletal remains of a person were unearthed Monday afternoon on farmland a couple miles northwest of Park River, N.D., Walsh County Sheriff Lauren Wild said.

Wild said a tenant farmer was using heavy machinery to move rocks piled on a small knoll, and in doing so, found human remains not far beneath the rocks and dirt that appear to be very old.

"They've been there a long time," Wild said. "I would say decades at the very minimum."

Wild said his department collected the remains and plans to send them to Bismarck on Monday to have a medical examiner to look at them.

Before digging, Wild said, the farmer checked with authorities to see if the area was of any archaeological significance and received approval to go ahead with the excavation work intended to make the land easier to farm.

The sheriff would not disclose the specific location of the find or the name of the farmer who made the discovery.

"I don't need a bunch of artifact collectors out there until we've determined what exactly was found," Wild said.