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Dancing at Oak Crossing

Performers from the Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theatre company spent time at Oak Crossing, sharing stories with residents and then interpreting those stories through dance. Submitted Photo

Suzanne Costello and performers from the Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theatre spent the morning at Oak Crossing sharing stories about themselves, gathering stories from residents, and then putting their stories in motion with music.

The performers took time to visit with each resident in a small group, asking questions about where they grew up, their first house, their favorite room in the house, and what they did when they were growing up and as young adults.

After visiting, there was a time of putting motions together to match the jobs and activities residents did, such as milking cows, kneading bread, and putting wood in the fire.

Each group, led by a member of the Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theatre, then told the stories of the residents along with the motions to music. Residents participated in the motions with smiles of joy.

Before leaving, the group performed part of show they did at the Detroit Lakes community and Cultural Center Thursday evening.